Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Carport Neighbor This Morning

I crashed at Bonnie's last night after a rich dinner. This morning I awoke at 4:10 am and again at 6 and again at 7. I drove home because we train at 9. A lovely grey fog quilt covers everything in sight. Vision is about 50 feet. Very strange. I pulled into the carport and I found a little visitor just lying there.

Little visitor, what type of creature are you? You are so small in comparison to Jane, the biggish green Saturn. But what manner of creature are you?


Karen said...

IMHO it looks like a salamander or a newt. Yay amphibians! I bet s/he was stoked that it was foggy this morning b/c moist air means a chance for a longer stroll through the neighborhood. Or something anthropomorphic like that. :-)

Roger Williams said...

Judging by the tiger like markings near the tail, it looks like a juvenile pacific giant salamander. Seems like he's a little lost being in the city and all.

It could also be a California newt.

O said...

A newt! That's kickass! I'd be all 3-2-1 Contact'ed out or something.

How could would a pet newt be?

"No, it's not a lizard. It's a newt."

O said...

I meant to say How cool would a pet newt be?

I need to go to bed.

wrki said...

Karen & Roger, You were both correct! A NEWT! NEATO!

O, to touch a newt would not be good. For their skin is poisonous!