Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A Gimmick That Might Actually Work

I'm a veteran of online dating. Of course back in 94 it was all text based chatting.
The first man I met was a pediatric oncologist from Boston.

He was really sweet and we remained friends for quite a long time.

So fast forward to 2007. I'm shopping at one of my favourite grocery stores: Rainbow Grocery and happen to notice a funny postcard with the following dialog:

I said, "White Stripes"
He said, "Whitesnake"

The tagline? "Don't let this happen to you." And its an ad for a dating service...that matches you with your MUSICAL profile. Kinda clever, non?

Elvis Costello, here I come!


Roger Williams said...

It's a fairly well known truism that chicks who listen to Whitesnake will do any damn fool thing in the sack. This guy in the example may have wished their answers were reversed. Or not.

wrki said...

Touche', Mr. Williams!