Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Stolen Car, Chapter ????

Ah yes. Remember when my car was stolen in September?

And then it was found in October.

And then I was told it was under investigation in November and December.

And then I was asked if I knew the person who stole the car.

And then in mid-December they told me the investigation was done and the car would be repaired.

Well, this week's correspondence is telling me that I owe on the damage to the car.
And I paused and am upset because the damage to the car happened while it was stolen.
So I have been in a correspondence duel with my insurance claims investigator and the body shop which will hold (and charge me for) my car until this deductible situation is handled...

Meanwhile I am wondering if they plan on detailing my car, or if it will be returned to me food packages and clothing of others still in the car to remind me of the adventures Jane has been on since she was stolen on September 16, 2006.

Yep. This has been one well-spent 4 months of my life. I've gotten hair on my chest from learning how to navigate through these systems.

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