Wednesday, December 20, 2006

tis the season

this week i've listened to solstice stories and a hilarious song by Dar Williams called The Pagans and the Christians.
and hanukkah storiescomparing heroes of the Torah to comic book greats. (Makes me wonder if Superman's S really is Sampson in disguise!) and today at school they are watching The Message featuring Anthony Quinn talking about the story of Islam.

part of me mourns that i didn't know much about any of this stuff while i was younger.

what did i know? i was raised Catholic...we didn't really discuss the intricacies of judaica, islam, wicca, hinduism, shintoism, taoism, or countless other faiths. if jesus wasn't bleeding on a crucifix in your place of worship it was all kinda tangental.

naive me gets excited listening to these stories and can't help but find the parallels and intertwining bits connecting us.

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Mama Kelly said...

"The Christians and thhe Pagans" is a great song.

I love the message of everyone just getting along and focusing more on the similarities in beliefs than on the differeces.

I love the humor of it too.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season


Mama Kelly

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