Saturday, December 9, 2006

eddie palmieri, shrimp mousse, coquito y la lluvia

it's rainy and i am kneeling in my kitchen.

i've just made a quick batch of coquito for the permit holiday party hosted by river rafting friends.

the idea of bending this way and that according to the whim of the river armed with my team and my paddle seems to be the furthest thing from my reality at the moment, but the idea sounds so amazing, that i MUST go for it.

this week began in phoenix, arizona.

lovely breakfast, change of place, and scenery allowed me to go deeper into the folds of the brain. thank you angela, michelle, and our gracious host o for the opportunity to think.

then into the week.

wednesday arrived and i got a phone call in the late afternoon from a friend who is recently and wonderfully in love. he is in reno. she's here. and she has a puppy.

of COURSE i would dog-sit.

call me the cupid-yente. i may NOT be ridiculously in love, but i totally sanction it. i had planned on going to see mr. eddie palmieri at yoshi's on thursday night and told her that.

apparently not a problem.

so i took off to work knowing i would have dog therapy and knowing that a friend of mine was going to enjoy herself for two days.

after work i did something...and then went to go hang with the puppy.

(i have noticed that my memory is crap lately. i can't remember details and i am concerned for this.)

bonnie always is an incredible hostess and left me a luxurious house to hang out in.
i only took advantage of the bed, because i was exhausted.

the dog looked at me, beckoned me to join her for a romp outside.

i didn't know how to tell her i had to be at school at 8 am that morning, so i needed to be up really early to beat the traffic and to get back to my house and shower and prepare for the day.

we took a quick walk that allowed her a pee and then i took off to my house.

i got to my door, searched my keys.


this is the 3rd time in 2 months.

in the past when i have lost my keys, i knew they were on the table by the door.

it's embarassing to know that my brain burp has locked me out of the house.

i debated to call the building manager. i didn't.

it was almost 7 am and i needed to battle traffic, so my solution was to go into the city with the same shirt and jeans i had worn the day before. i would buy mouth hygeine stuff and i already washed my face at bonnie's...the day would be fine.

my fear was that the 7th graders would ask me about my recycled getup.

of course traffic was a breeze. i called my coworker to let her know my schedule and to request a t-shirt and toothpaste. she would hook me up.

i stopped by cafe abir a few blocks above the school.

tea would be lovely to cup in my hands and to meditate on where my keys might be.

i didn't want to arrive at yoshi's later that night in the same outfit.

i was meeting a friend and wanted to be dance-presentable...

mas horita, am tired and the signal i'm biting from is waning...

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