Monday, December 18, 2006

Lakshmi To the Rescue

Okay...I just spoke with Lakshmi (yes, her real name...not some white girl who's name was Jennifer who was told by her supervisor to change it...)

She's a AAA Member Services advocate and just listened to my whole story. I told her in the 20+ years I've known triple A they've helped me unlock my keys out of my car, get me gas, fix my flat and help me with travel plans. Then I told her how surprising it was to deal with Western United Insurance, a contractor of theirs and be treated like I was the perpetrator of my own car theft, versus a victim of my car theft. She assured me she's on the case.

I was INCENSED since my insurance guy called to ask me where I want the car towed without offering to fix the car....and I freaked out...I thought as an insurance subscriber that my insurance company would support me through this theft and not drag me through the process like that poor man in Jasper, TX a few years back.

I didnt throw the race card, but if I was Muffy in Beverly Hills of WASP heritage I don't think I would have to beg for my 1999 Saturn back.

Thank you, Lakshmi. Perhaps her being named after the Goddess of Wealth and Beauty, you can put in a word to the happy parthenon of good spirits that help us people navigate life and live well.

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