Wednesday, December 6, 2006

a most fortunate event!

ah, so the lovely lower haight offers an array of foodstuffs.

i was tooling about on lunch break from the kids and decided impulsively as i approached Rosamunde that I would nosh on a sausage...would it be lamb, or chicken, or pheasant, or boar?
no...i decided on chicken and cherry...lovingly grilled and spooning alongside beef and even vegan brats...

i took a walk down the street as my arc of flesh curled on the metal grate and flames. i returned and my chicken and cherry sausage was served to me.

i heard a voice comment about pickles and i responded.

i looked up and saw, tall, in a red tactile short sleeve shirt, slacks, short grey hair, and clear eyes...was Mr. Lemony Snicket!

i have a girlish crush on this man. i stood in line for his autograph for my nephew for 4 hours a few weeks back. i missed the aterciopelados show at amoeba for him. his sense of humor is wicked and his spoken voice is warm and bellows. there's a quirk on his eyebrow that makes me want to have droll-filled conversation with him filled with uber-intellectual references.

instead i was chill and touched his arm and thanked him for the autograph he gave my nephew.

i was in la-la land, however. he made a joke and i went over my head. i blushed and had to leave. my eye contact moment was lost.


i walked back to the car and then i got on the megan (who waited online with me), tylor (my newphew), christine, and bonnie.

my heart still races...sigh!

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