Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Student Loan End of 2006 Report

I love Sallie Mae. I work for a consolidated loan rate of 9.0%.

My minimum payment is about $254 a month. I try to get ahead by paying $400.

Every day her accountants clock about $9.00 against my account because I owe.
It makes me sad. That's an hour's work after taxes.

My final payment is scheduled for year 2058.

I wonder how in the heck people with credit card debt do it. If this is "good debt" at a "lower" interest penalty, how the heck can you keep up with payments that are charged at 12%, 15%, or even 30% interest?

That's paying $1.30 for everything that cost a dollar! Even my cash advance place isn't that bad! (They max out at 15% (or $15) for every hundred I borrow and there's a limit to how much I can borrow-- $300 a pop. All of you are appalled, I know, but sometimes you gotta cover expenses, capice? I just don't earn frequent flyer miles or get cash back with my ATM card. I think one should get the same benefits for using a MasterCard logo-ed ATM card as when you use a credit card.)

My resolution for 2007 is to gain reduce my debt, advance my credit score, and gain access to a credit card I have put money down on so I can pay my bills on it and earn free things I didn't work for. (It's the American way, I dig it. I want to fly to Europe on my grocery bill, too!)

It'll slowly put me on the path to homeownership, debt-freeness, and greater self-esteem.


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