Monday, December 25, 2006

james brown is dead

i remember that techno song and giggling at it in the 90s
drinking smart drinks and sweating til dawn...or 4 am...

and i remember the internship that bought me tickets in 2000
to see james brown and the tower of power at the paramount

and now, as a showstopping close to his life...
james brown is dead...
on christmas day

may he be buried with a fitting cloak.

my condolences to his family and friends

and i thank him for his years of entertainment and inspiration
i challenge his soul and all artists to refrain from domestic violence (for which he was also known) and for we as consumers not to turn a blind eye and hold up our leaders (in whatever sector) as beyond human. when we see amazing people do things unbecoming to them, we should speak.

how much greater mr. brown would have been to not have been a perpetrator of domestic violence.

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Tyca said...

In loving memory:
Keep the soul alive, tell your friends!