Tuesday, December 5, 2006

car saga...month 3


after returning from phoenix, az and being treated to a few days of relaxation, decadence, self-reflection, and advice, i came home to a conversation with mr. robert and thought i should call the ol' insurance agency and see what was up with my car.

i am angry and am not going to take it out on myself, i decided.

i'm 34 now. and i haven't done anything wrong, save park in front of my house one night.

that's it.

so i called mr. kip, my insurance guy, and i left a message asking him how long this investigation was going to take since the city of oakland considered the matter closed.
i also asked when i could expect my refund for the rental from september and what assistance the company would offer me since i have 25 days rental and if i hadn't had a borrowed car, i would be SOL because 25 days would have come and gone...AND i left a message for the supervisor.

this is ridiculous.

i have SEEN the car.

the investigator didn't know what to do with the key when i asked him.

needless to say my faith in this insurance company has eroded with each payment i make for this insurance and each month that goes by without my vehicle.

i would like jane back. that's it.

i didn't steal my car. i know that's sitting in the back of someone's head because i am a brown woman and i live on the edge of the hood, but, no...i didn't steal my own car, nor did i arrange to have anyone steal it, despite it being stolen less than 24 hours after i got insurance.

i got insurance because i had the money to finally do it and i wanted to do the right thing.

i've been saving to do the right thing with my car for almost a year now.

i still don't do regular car maintenance as i should, but i am working on it.

i'm a working adult who feels overwhelmed by her bills and has to prioritize. for the last year i have prioritized student loans, rent, food, and phone over paying for car insurance. i made a bet. i know it was illegal. i figured i was using my karma points...hoping that all the volunteering was going shield me from being pulled over randomly or being in a car accident.

i know that was a major gamble, but when money seems so tight, you make that gamble.

in september i decided to stop gambling, because i had the means. i know it wasn't right. if i was in a car accident it could have had serious ramifications. i know this. and i apologize, but it's the choice i made considering other choices i needed to make.

so now we're in december. i was hoping to get my car back by my birthday.

in speaking with mr. kip, he's informed me it's my responsibility to get the police report.

why didn't he tell me 3 months ago when i was asking what i needed to do on this case?

jesus, and is it my role as the victim to gather my own evidence in the crime? isn't it your job to do the investigation? or will i be reimbursed for my time that i play private detective, too?

i will tell you that after my year with this company, i will be taking my business elsewhere. i am recognizing one thing this year: dude, i am worth it.

i am worth self-preservation.

i am worth fighting for.

i am a pretty decent human being, so dont string me along.

i can be assertive and i plan on continuing to practice that skill.

nameless insurance company, GIVE ME MY DAMN CAR BACK.


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