Thursday, September 7, 2006

Well, I'm Embarassed...

Never rush to send an email.


I'm sending a flurry of emails before I head out of town for two days and then come back to the two-gig transitional week and, well, I just gaffed professionally.

I am part of an organization that is allowing me the opportunity to develop my project management skills and expand my professional network and become more informed about philanthropy.

This is an AWESOME opportunity for me and I am really excited to have it.

One of my colleagues in the organization is a friend of mine I have come to know in various professional capacities over the past year. He and I are close and I am never conservative in showing it. I never withhold the hug, for example, and we make jokes and so forth.

Well, I did a reply-all to an email this evening with that familiar personality in the email. I addressed him as "love" in that familiar, yet affectionate way that I do in person. However it's now been published for our entire professional circle to see and perhaps mock and take note of -- forever. I can't edit/undo.

Now...we are not partners, potential partners, or anything at all nuanced in romance.

But I feel STUPID for not checking the reply-to addresses. I have written him an apology for the email PDA, but what's the protocol for apologizing to the circle for responding in such a cavalier manner? I was being careless because I was in haste.

And now I can't take it back.

Hrm...learning moment.

My pet peeve is that I despise lack of professionalism and this gaff ranks highly against that threshhold of professional sin.

I suppose things could be worse: I could have expressed total disdain and have it displayed for all of my professional familiars to see.


I'm tired and need to go home.



Marc Smolowitz said...

Never worry too hard about your impulse towards PDA. Unless some one "in the room" is making you feel unsafe, it is likely healthy for other folks to witness such expressions of affection, whether they be online, offline, or otherwise. :-)

Karen said...

personally, i think we all have at one time or other hit reply & inadvertently it went to everyone. so I think a simple mass apology followed by some self-deprecating humor, keeps you human and reminds everyone that they are too. no worries!

Ah-muh-nuh said...

I agree with Karen. And here's a funny story to make you feel better. I once replied to a friends email and cc'd her boyfriend on it, since we were making plans for that evening. The only thing is that in the initial email, she professed her love (first time saying it) to the boyfriend in question. Now boyfriend was madly in love with her, but she was trying to play the cool cat. She was mortified. I was mortified. We both cried. However, HE got a HUGE kick out of it... And this ended up being part of my maid-of-honor speech at their wedding a few years later ;)