Friday, September 29, 2006

Fly Blood

Friday Review
Today was a stellar day at the work spot.

I decided not to let the tension get to me and get a clear sense of what needed to be done and water.

I scanned until 2:30 in the morning and let myself sleep until 8 am. I arrived at 10 after just allowing myself to vision the day.

I needed to shower and I need to survey my apartment. My insurance will be interviewing me about Jane tomorrow and my apartment looks like the whirlwind 2 weeks I have had. Yesterday I almost tore the whole place apart because my cellphone was gremlined. For the life of me I couldnt find it and I spent about 80 minutes looking for it.

After shaking out my comforter 10 times and nothing dropped from it, I said, F-it.

I got into the car and started to leave. Something tugged at my mind and I went back after parking Big Red (Fumi's loaner car to me) and went back into my apartment and shook it one last time.

The phone dropped to the floor, I thanked All and took off.


Fly Blood

The benefit of buying organic food definitely lies in the taste and in my Catholic mind a little less guilt about how the people who work to create the food are less prone to crazy chemicals. I think it leaves a little less of a footprint than corporate farms. To be honest, though, apparently most organic companies are owned by people like Kraft and Nestle, so they're just a niche of these large food conglomerates.

Oh well.

The downside of these organics is that they have an informal "use by" date. This is usually dependent upon the weather. Warmer weather usually means my parsley wilts pretty quickly or that the bananas brown immediately.

With this decay comes the dreaded fruit fly.

I loved fruit flies in high school. We bred them for biology and sorted them for wing shape and eye color and body shape. We carried tubes of them around with their blue food goop. They bred and larvaed and everything.

But as a food consumer and an apartment dweller, I find them to be annoying. They breed so quickly on produce scraps and they form clouds when they're disturbed.

They sit dormantly until I come into the kitchen and then suddenly they're in a tizzy. Swatting them is pretty fruitless. (Ha ha.) It's just not the right tool.

I am lucky, however.

The right tool(s) have created their little feeding place on my window.

Two rather largish spiders have made their home on my window about two weeks ago.
It's miraculous that they still live there. There was a time when I would take the broom, squish and scream. But we have a symbiotic relationship.

I noticed this last week when the fly cloud was diminished. Yes, I had taken the organics out, but I also noticed these "bits of dirt" on my window sill. I was puzzled.

I also noticed that some of these bits were sitting on what looked like some little splashes of orange-red salsa.

I hadn't eaten salsa, but I cleaned it up and wondered if perhaps it was some of the spicy lemonade. It does require cayenne and that's orange.

A few days later, I noticed less flies and while I was doing my morning dishes, I noticed more "dirt" and another "salsa pool". Hrm. As I thought and looked out the window, I looked up to the sill. One of my spiders was still sitting in her web, so I knew it wasn't too late. They go into their little cave about quarter of 8 when it gets too light out.

I also noticed that their web was dotted with bodies about the size of the "dirt". And then I had my epiphany:

"Ew!" and then "Cool!"

I have never seen fly blood so orange before. I have killed horse flies back east, but I never smooshed to the point of blood. It was usually "SMACK!" and then let the carcass drop. But this week I examined and noticed.

My two little spiders are my exterminators and they have just about cleared my apartment of the fruit fly cloud.

I need to wipe my window sill a little more often than I used to because that blood collects, but talk about your exterminators! And no funky cloud at all.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

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