Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I'm Lazy, I'm Only Working Two Jobs...

There was a time when I was juggling 4 and struggling.

Right now I am juggling two and enjoying the balance of the hemispheres. The time is a challenge, but the fulfillment of doing both gigs is rockin'.

I am in major headache mode at the moment.

I also noticed this weekend that I am not a fan of how my thighs collide. I know my weight differential over the last 3 weeks has increased by 5 - 7 lbs. Some of the clothes I was feeling really cute in are fitting a little bit more tightly. Phooey.

I know this means that my monthly is coming, but it's kinda messing with my plans to try on clothes this weekend for Melissa and Sean's wedding. So I am lemonade drinking again. Spicy lemonade: it's good for you.

I have a nice, raging headache at the moment. It's centered about my temples and may have something to do with my limited eating today. I had orange juice, tea, and a bagel with lox (that cost me like $6.50!), but nothing that filled me. Harumph.

Most of the weekend I spent contemplating my self, my new role, and how lovely of a companion a dog can be.

The weekend was willed with fog, which was a symbol in my book of the Goddess' presence. I finished By the River Piedra I Sat and Wept and Pippi in the South Seas this weekend.

There was sun, too, and me slipping down a hill of hay chasing after Maile. Then I was struck with a gorgeous purple flower. It was rich with red and pink and deep in its color. I plucked one and put it in my hair. The breeze brushed past my cheek and all was well in the world.

Sunday I woke with Maile, climbed up Park Blvd. to find a laudrymat and had breakfast that was okay. I finished Pippi while finishing my fruit and blushed in my long skirt and tank top when entering the laudrymat. A handsome man stood there. He was the color of a rich milk chocolate bar, had a baseball hat on, was tall, and had intelligence in his brown eyes. He was casually dressed on his laundry day, too, and I didn't want to get too close to him, as The Police were singing on KFOX when I walked in.

There is that discomfort that exists with brown people who are of a certain ilk. Because we spend so much time fending off stereotypes, we don't try to connect like velcro. It's already assumed we're somehow connected.

That happened to me on Friday night when I saw David Alan Grier. And though I would not have minded an opportunity to chat with my laundry gent, I didn't dare and finished filling out HR forms for my new gig. I engrossed myself in my work.

And by the time I noticed my loads of laundry were done...he had walked away with his folded bundle.

C'est la vie.

C'est la vie.

But the sunset later that day, while Bonnie (who had come home) and I were walking Maile, was filling.

After that we treated ourselves to Breads of India in Washington Square in downtown Oakland.



Roger Williams said...

$6.50 for a bagel with lox? Jesus God, is everything that expensive out there?

wrki said...

Right? was a Noah's Bagels...which touts itself as a New York Bagelry...but you know that a NY bagel doesn't cost $6.50 for lox! It's the Bay Area...and I sigh and then I live with it. It was an impulse by. If I had time, I would have gone to Saul's in Berkeley and enjoyed a REAL lox spread, sat down, and had a REAL deli experience for about the same price plus tip.

C'est la vie, though!