Thursday, September 7, 2006

Mama, I'm Going Home

Ay, Dios Mio!

It's been a week of holding and dancing tongues.

I've watched fame, created an amazing Moroccan stew, and shared in a berry pie in Megan's garden paradise.

I've woken to fog, run out of gas, and been assisted by good samaritains.

I've filled my brain with wonderful, new knowledge, and sucked in air when I shared news of leaving my current work after 4 years and moving to the next challenge. When the tears just burst forward during a staff meeting, I did NOT know how to react.

Tomorrow I fly home after breakfast at the Blackberry Bistro with Christine and will see my parents and nephew and aunts in a mini family reunion for la fiesta del pueblo in Raleigh, NC. This weekend I will be infused with family and food and a sense of who this boricua is and where she comes from.

A ver. I will be dancing and laughing with my family. I will see Raleigh's amazing beauty. I will fly over the expanse of this country -- what an amazing privilege that is.

Change is feeling fantastic.

I want to continue drenching myself in it, feeling it feed into my pores and expanding my sense of ADVENTURE and possibility!

Tonight as I drove to my doctor's appointment on Shattuck I ran out of gas on Shattuck. Good samaritains came to my aid and helped me push my car down Addison to a safe spot. Dana and Alexis were the two folks who came to my aid. She's a sound engineer and he's in a band and was on his way to an interview. They watched Jane while I walked to Mary Ann's new office to coordinate a rescue plan.

I invited them to dinner and I do hope they take me up on it. They were good peops.
In a world where suspicion reigns, I felt like my angels rushed in, because I was circling the block too many times looking for a spot to get to my appointment on time.

Thank ALL for AAA, and a gas station being nearby.

I need dinner. I need to go home and pack. I need to make sure there are no liquids that will be confiscated from my carry on luggage.


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