Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Literally there is an attack on good people in the universe right now.

My car was stolen on Saturday, September 16th.

I found out one of the Project GO founders had a car stolen from him last Friday, Sept. 22.

And last night at the school where I am working, KIPP Bridge in West Oakland....a teacher was attacked and her car was stolen.

What the hell is going on in the world?

What is causing people to prey on other people?

How can I HELP you? I want you to know you have allies. I may not be able to fulfill your every need, but I can be supportive.

We cannot erode each other's humanity away. It takes away our dignity and ability to share joy.

Last night I was frustrated about needing to spend another $150 to rent a car for 4 days. My savings is now dwindled to about $300.

I took myself out after doing laundry and doing some scans for work.

I went to Luka's and ate a tuna carpaccio (which was AMAZING) and then danced...dj Santero put on some samba and unlike last week when the music bounced off me without touching me...my feet reconnected to my heart and I joined a woman who was already taken over by the music. My skirt limited my movements, but I danced. I felt the music. I had flahes of me driving Jane, the car that was stolen from me. I glowed from within and I moved my barefeet along the floor...gliding...punta, salsa, my version of samba, hula, bellydance, hip hop. These influences came through me and I danced. I danced some of the frustration away. My straightened hair began to sweat out.

I felt slightly cleansed.


Karen said...

That is quite the litany of major suckage, E.

But being a closet hippie, I suspect that the attacks are on the rise precisely because evil is losing and is determined to take some of us mofos with it via various degrees of predation.

There truly is MORE goodness, love, hope, faith and decency in the world than car thieves, car jackers and the evening news wants us to believe. Truly.

Roger Williams said...
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Roger Williams said...

By now you know me well enough to know I occupy the other end of Karen's spectrum, and as such, I offer a contrary position: that man's true nature is generally rotten. I suggest you treat car thieves with extreme prejudice, possibly involving small caliber firearms.

Yeah, I hear that "you're simply perpetuating a cycle of violence" thing, but sometimes, you have to speak a common language to truly have a dialogue. Catch my drift?

wrki said...

From these two comments, I will be taking reasonable caution from now on.

E. is going to start exercising street smarts until she moves to lesser dense digs.