Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's Tuesday and Stuff

So much more from the weekend to discuss, but it's Tuesday and I'm about to head to job number 2 for training and then back in job #1 to do some finishing up work.

This transition is a challenge...mentally, and I am beginning to feel...emotionally.

It's a gorgeous day.

I miss mami. 24 hours ago I had been back in California 3 hours and was putting finishing touches on a presentation that went successfully to my board. That felt great.

After work I hung out wiht mi hermana...Mitzi y su esposo Eduardo.

Oh my God, they are beautiful parents to be! I am so excited to have them here. I let my mouth run a little too much...but I am amazed that she's here...and I can go over and hang out with her...mi corazon.

I went from my blood in North Carolina to my spirit in California in less than 24 hours...perhaps I'm just settling in from that.

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