Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tom Petty and Time to Disco

Tom Petty did an awesome interview with Terry Gross this morning on Fresh Air. He spoke about his love of radio and I just melted hearing his nostalgia for the medium. He has a new album out and is hosting a show on XM radio now. I think that's totally cool and I would love to see him in concert again. Apparently he's been rockin' for 30 years.

DUDE! He's the Hamster of Rock and Roll in my eyes;I just think he's CLASSIC. And apparently has a Myspace. Sheesh! Some of the new album's tracks are on there, though.

Also, the Bollywood Classic(?) "It's Time to Disco" is just looping in my head. It's really annoying because I already have to wrap my head around some stupid crap right now...writing a final paper on Wheel of Fortune. I had to watch a half hour show and analyze it and the ads. I don't have a television, so I used the one in the office and the only channel with reception was KRON 7. It was 7:30, so I spent 30 minutes of my life (that I will NOT get back) watching Tuesday's "Teen Best Friend Week". By the way, out of 30 minutes of show slotted time, about 14 minutes were dedicated to ads. And the one ad for "Head On" made NO sense to me whatsoever. I have no idea what the product is. All the ad did was show a still of someone with what looked like a gluestick stuck to their head and the voice over repeating "Head On! Head On! Head On!" for about 7.5 seconds. They bought two spots during the show. Random.


O said...

Heh...I heard the same Fresh Air with Tom Petty (it airs at 2pm here in PHX). Don't know if they talked about "Running Down A Dream" or "Don't Come Around Here No More" beyond the segment I heard - those two are my favorite TP tracks.

Lubna said...

Head On, Apply Directly To Your Forehead. Head On, Apply Directly To Your Forehead. Head On, Apply Directly To Your Forehead. I think it's some sort of chapstick for your forehead. :)

I'm going to be a loser and admit that I watched yesterday's WOF episode! Hey, it's good mindless dinnertime TV. And I had already seen the Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond episodes a million times. :) Renee and Nina rocked!

wrki said...

O - My favourite Tom Petty track? Hard to determine, depends on my mood. I love American Girl and Learning to Fly. Goodnight Baby from Full Moon Fever is one of my favourite sentimental tracks. But all of his stories are good. He and Elvis Costello pretty much can never screw up with me.

Lubna - Hello, mamita! Yeah, what the hell is this Head On crap? I couldn't find anything on the web. It totally looks like forehead chapstick. I wonder if it's some kind of zit thing...WEIRDNESS. I never watched Seinfeld and I've seen bits of Everybody Loves Raymond. God, I feel like such a luddite since last watching and enjoying the series News Radio (when it was in reruns in the late 90s). Although this sound class is making me want to watch films more often to study them.

When the heck am I going to make time for that?