Monday, July 31, 2006


Hello, everyone.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Paying for dance classes is SO out of the budget, this is why I need FREE. =)

Hiking, free.

Cool dance classes, as much as I love them, is not free. Or I could cut out food.

Right now I shop at Farmer's/Green Markets and after talking to the phone nurse about my family history, my blood work is illustrating my genetic disposition for anemia and high cholesterol. So I need see what I can do. I eat meat maybe 3/4 times a week. I eat a 40% raw diet of fruits and veggies. So I may need to get cholesterol-lowering drugs (boo!) which means I may need to cut out my mental health's all a balancing act, I suppose.

Meanwhile...Manu Chau with Kinky was AMAZING...AND today's violin lesson just gelled so well. My teacher and I played a simple duet and it sounded finger placements were just....oh felt awesome. YAY!

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