Friday, July 7, 2006

Ludovic, Thank You for Smoking

I have a penchant for meeting voices and emails and sometimes when the world is into synchronicity, then I get to meet the people behind the communication.

Last night I got to meet my new neighbor Ludovic, friend of Mitzi, and apparently in the know of all the cool people...he knows Diana...and he's a transplanted New Yorker in the Bay.

It's nice to be a disgruntled East Coaster with someone who understands.

He's going to make a sophisticated lady out of me, yet. You've heard of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?

Yes, sometimes Erika needs some help. And a city boy should be able to help me find the more sophisticated self. It's nice to be goofy and cute, but in the long run? Since I am not on the road to Hollywood, and I would like to be a powerful voice for shaping our future, I need to rival the power of women like Ms. Rice.

I introduced Ludovic to the Parkway last night. We saw Thank You for Smoking, which I enjoyed for its sheer clever.

The guy from the tobacco company was not so disdainful. The Senator from Vermont was not so laudable.

And in the end, I felt all sides were portrayed as human.

I'm trying to remember where I saw the blue-eyed kid before. His eyes are piercing and a little creepy.

I didn't dig the usual plot of divorced parents, dad is the "poor single dude" who has such a "harsh single life" and the wife looks homely, but has a new husband. The dad is at odds with the new husband and the child is the pawn between the parents. I thought that was lame.

I did love Rob Lowe as the morally ambiguous a-hole, the team of WOD who were just doing their jobs, and the journalist who just was wonderfully evil.

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