Friday, July 28, 2006

Art of Sound Design

So I am taking a class today at BAVCcalled the history of Sound Design with instructor Chris Willits. He was the teacher for my podcasting class as well. He rocks, super-knowledgable. We're discussing theories of sound design, history of it in the context of film and watching segments of classic films. Now I have the hankering to watch Apocolypse Now and 2001 and Blazing Saddles with more of an ear for how the sound was put together...and laugh at audio geek jokes arround diegetic and nondiegetic sound.

So now I have serious fantasies about forgetting about saving the world and just doing audio design and engineering for musicians, radio, and some film. I think that would just be FRIGGIN' awesome.

Then I could record for Tom Petty and David Bowie and Rachid Taha and be the happiest woman that ever did walk the Earth.


Manu Chau at the Greek tonight...WOOOOOOOOT!

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