Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Raw Sauerkraut

I became a sucker at Rainbow grocery on Saturday evening.

I've become a fan of cabbage and have been reading about depression and skin and hypoglycemia and I have been noting my diet. I need more "good" bacteria in my diet and I don't always want to spoon from a jar of yogurt to get it.

So I looked about and saw a gorgeous jar of red kraut in a refrigerated case opposite the perishables behind glass doors. Cultured, organic, Raw Sauerkraut.

It's a beautiful glass jar that holds 16 oz. of sauerkraut. It will be a fine jar to reuse once I am done nibbling at it's sour contents. Shredded cabbage, carrots, beets, ginger and sea salt. The lovely colour is provided by the beets. Yum.

For lunch today I finally finished the poulty marinated in cinnamon and olive oil. The original recipe called for duck, but I found no duck, so I got free range chicken breast instead and let it marinate.

The scent of the marinade was to die for and cinnamon is very good to help pre-diabetics like me create more insulin and break down the sugar that I love so much -- be it from fruits, honey, bread, or good, old fashioned cane.

I pan fried it and then broiled it, adjusting for it being chicken. To accompany it, I created a simple spinach salad dressed with split seedless red grapes and mini-tomatoes (yellow and red) for some lovely colour. I wish I had raisins to sweeten it just a bit. I dressed it with a bit of sherry vinegar.

The little salad entree turned out just fine. I wish I had a way to infuse the cinnamon a bit more into the chicken, but it was tender and yummy.

I got the recipe from Food & Wine, and edition from what seems like eons ago.

The next recipe to try is an Asian Fusion scallop salad with nori and brown rice wine vinegar, ginger and some other yummies.

I'm looking for the perfect sofrito recipe because I think for my housewarming sometime in August (perhaps when papi comes?) I want to send people home with jars of sofrito. Vamos a ver!

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