Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the full moon

man, i got on the bus last night and was crossing the bay bridge back to alameda and a beautiful, huge moon rose above me.
i was giggling with megan about the a on my second paper and how insane the weekend was and we were laughing about zidane's headbutt.

and this precious globe rose to the south, beginning huge and it climbed into the sky so gorgeously, gracefully...artemis lead her chariot away from the planet and wooed me with her divinity.

i got to my car and i got home and i was exhausted, unable to read, and hot, and settled into my bed covers, breathed a little as i heard the bbc's coverage of the kashmiri train attacks, the decision to apply the geneva convention to the guantanamo detainees, and decided to have a good night's sleep.

and i did.

audio from the bus and seeing the moon

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