Thursday, June 22, 2006

Post #201

At 5 am I hit the snooze button on my phone. I crashed in the office after finishing my paper at midnight. I spell-checked. I read it one last time and didn't want to be on an overnight bus for 2 hours. So I saved myself some sleep and crashed here.

When I woke up, it was already balmy.

HEAT WAVE in San Francisco!

But I had an eventless ride to the Transbay Terminal and then onto my O bus, which was free today. We have a Spare the Air Day all day, which means all public transportation is free. Including BART. This means my ride home tonight will be quicker than the bus. Whoot!

I got to my car, all was intact on Alameda, and I put on 1170 AM. The Ghana/US game had just begun, as well as the Italy/Czech Republic game.

I don't do picks, but I was hoping that Ghana would give us a taste of humble pie. I drove home in 7 minutes, moved the radio to the bathroom, and jumped in the shower. GOAL!!!!!!!!!

Holy Shiznit! My heart fluttered that Ghana might win and my neighbors would be going ape s---.

I leapt out of the shower, did a BRIEF yoga pose, took my cadre of vitamins and supplements, got dressed and drove back to Alameda for class.

No score on Czech Republic/Italy, but the US Captain was out of the game on injury and Ghana was still up, 1-0.

My Spanish is getting better because I was following more subtleties of the game in Spanish...fouls and corner kicks and dribbling descriptions didn't seem foreign anymore.

Park. Walk, walk, walk faster.

Dude, I got into class about 4 minutes late and our next assignment was on the board. We were going to peer review our essays and then rewrite our analysis in de Bono's PMIS style. All in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

No problem.

I'm going to relive my memories of writer's cramp in this class...and I also have another chance to refine my essay. It's due Monday in final form.


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