Monday, June 5, 2006

More Box Sorting, Kite Flying on Alameda Beach

The weekend breezed by. I spent most of it going to doctors, checking on classes, and puttering around the house.

The sun was wonderful. My headspace was pre-occupied with health issues.

I received phone calls from Zeli and Dana. Other than that I continually sorted through my boxes and emptied more. I filled paper bags of recyclables. I rifled through old pictures, lots of old pictures and relived about 18 years of my recent history, including emails, love letters, Christmas cards, a letter from my parents from a retreat I attended. I blushed, laughed, and reminisced.

Sunday after having a meeting with a potential client, I walked to my car, picked up some groceries at Alameda grocery and decided it was such a beautiful day that I needed to spend some time at the beach and let my kite, High Anxiety, aloft and watch her sail.

She was marvelous. Spiraled black and white with two long tails. She went up so easily, as always, and I craned my neck, watching her against the perfectly blue sky.

Families dotted the beach. Some children splashed about in the water. Adults watched, squinted-eyed and stoic.

After a half hour, I drove home and continued my purging quest. I also practiced somewhat on the violin.

"In My Life" isn't coming along. And I know my strings are out of tune. How am I to practice scales with strings that are out of tune?

I listened to quite a bit of NPR this weekend. A lot of BBC coverage of the Peruvian presidential election. Congratulations, Mr. Garcia.

I did a little yoga to get myself ready for bed. I had to be up early this morning. When I did the shoulder stand I saw rolls just pouring down toward the ground. I have a grand opportunity to firm up, I said to myself!

Sleep sucked last night. My brain was busy muttering. I got up several times, tossed off the covers and then buried myself in them again.

I even drank a Golden Milk recipe to help me sleep. Milk, cardamom, tumeric and honey. It tasted fine, but didn't make me sleepy.

I tried to read a historical recount of the United States in Latin America. I began reading an outdated GRE book. Nothing.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 am I feel asleep.

And then I woke again at 6 and 6:30 and 7.

Time to start the day.


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