Friday, June 23, 2006

Mother River

Mother River, thank you for ever flowing
and inviting me to your waters this weekend.

Father Competition, thank you for providing
an EXCITING World Cup tournament thus far.

Sister Perseverence, help me to appreciate my father's
recovery from his heart attack, continue pressing
forward with my class and violin lessons.

Brother Music, I can't wait to be engulfed
by you, again, this weekend at Stern Grove
for Amadou and Miriam (AFTER meeting with
Father Competition and watching the early game).

Be well, all.


O said...

Was today Amadou & Mariam? And I missed that? Boo!

wrki said...

Yes, but I missed it because I was tired and sore. I feel bad because Lisa Behar called to tell me there was plenty of room. =(

I'll have to wait for the KALW re-broadcast next year.

Zydeco is on Sunday.