Monday, May 15, 2006

weekend: up, down, all around

Delta/+ on the weekend

1) Hey! Mitesh visits town!

2) Gorgeous weather in the Bay!

3) I get more house cleaning done!

4) Day of rejuvination, yoga, and meditation!

5) Successful movie poster design for friend!

6) Meet the love of my life: Amithi, who just learned how to read and read Hop on Pop to me. My heart MELTED.

7) Good session with Mary Ann.

8) Stretch 4 dollars to ALMOST last the weekend...ran out of gas on the freeway after seeing Karsh Kale with Mitesh in the car. We are almost hit twice because apparently on Saturday nights hazard lights are to be ignored.

8.5) Neighborhood kids help me move stuff in and I make impromptu p'nut butter & jam sandwiches. Mustafa, my sweetheart, breaks a Christmas ornament I got in 2002 on a roadtrip to LA. I talk to him about honesty and am bummed that the ornament is broken.

9) Hero Fumi bales us out by finding gas at 3:30 am and being a little stressed out, I forgot to thank her and spiral of guilt begins.

10) Smell trumpet flowers as I open the gate to my house/parking structure. They are amazing flowers.

11) Mother's Day: spent mostly in my bed, crying, depressed, wondering what the hell I am here for.

12) Practice violin, working on "In My Life" by the Beatles and it's weird to transpose music for piano for violin.

13) I call mom to tell her I love her. I leave a message.

14) I organize recently moved stuff in my house.

15) I 'fro out the hair and wash it. Mucho clumps of hair come out. I could make wigs for many children.

15) Emma calls and offers to pick me up since I ain't got no cash or gas. We walk around Lake Merrit, she treats me to Chinese and we see a GORGEOUS sunset in the sky. We talk the evening away. I feel better.

16) I dress up this morning with lipstick and eyeshadow because I'm going to meet Gavin Newsom, and Maria Shriver at a TechConnect event at the Alice Griffith's Community Center. Surreal, but I help some women set up email accounts and do basic web surfing.

The white pants still look good. Yay.

17) Dancho just called and we are going to do dinner before I go dancing at Luka's tonight, because I need to get my salsa on. Yay.

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