Tuesday, May 23, 2006




re-enrolling in school to finish undergrad.

river guide.

east coast educated.

left-handed? not sure.

there's definitely a clarity there that i want to explore.

i find it wonderful when people are good communicators.

and i want to learn more.

because i want to be a good communicator. i want to be an excellent communicator.

something in the eyes.

something in the presence.

just completely calming.

completely assured me.

and i come with many questions, eager questions.

not to be selfish.

and i come with appreciation, many thank yous.

not to be ungrateful.

i blush through the conversation.

i am asked who i am.

and i have to stop and think.

my MO is to ask the questions, never having to examine myself.

to be put on the spot is off-putting and refreshing.

no time for performance.

no time for "the right answer".

the real answer, or at least the real answer for now.

and over the phone i imagine the clarity of those eyes.

and how i cannot possibly come up with a yarn.

else i'd be fooling myself.

and i definitely don't want to.

i find that i want to be me.

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