Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fog Crawl

Perhaps 40 minutes ago there was a clear view outside the office window overlooking the tower and the Twin Peaks of San Francisco.

It is now veiled in a light grey fog that is quickly sailing closer to my window...near Florida and 16th.

Traffic is much lighter, which is excellent.

And I am interested in how V is for Vendetta will effect me. I've read and heard reviews. It's 2 for 1 night at the Parkway and Dancho and I are going to catch up with a flick.

During today I felt that veil that's been covering my brain for the last 4-5 days one of those breath films on your tongue. It began solid enough, but is finally yielding to some moisture that is breaking the bonds between the molecules and leaving no trace, save for the slight sting of mint on my tongue.

I drank a lot of aloe vera juice. And I saw a preview of Batman Begins on the recommendation of friend Dana. I enjoyed the preview and am wondering why this film fell of the radar for me when it came out. Was I tuned out? Summer movie media blitzes tend to exhaust me.

Work today consisted of moving our lone PC to a more open space, having a meeting with my supervisor and our organizational consultant about defining my role, implementing an organizational calendar so all eyes know what's going on with staff members, interviewing prospective summer participants, catching up with one of my former students who will be getting married in August, and reviewing a foundation grant that can assist us in upgrading our web stuff.

All in all I am satisfied with how my brain has functioned today. I also bought a lot of vitamin E from Rainbow Grocery to help me soften my scars and found out that My Citibank Thank You Points can be redeemed for student loan rebate checks AND a digital camera, if I so choose.

Sure, Citibank may not be the ethical Credit Union that I also bank with, nor the ING Direct online bank that makes me see small amounts of money accumulate (if all else fails, I have about $300 in CDs (ranging from $2 - 40 dollars) that I can tap into, but it has been my consistent banking home since 2001 and I am in the process of establishing CONSISTENCY because financial institutions like that.


I really have been pre-occupied with an excellent conversation I had with my father and how honest he was with me about his life and his relationship with his father, grandparents, growing up in Harlem, and why he pushed for his kids to grow up in the suburbs. I got to see how human he is and listen to his intentions for his family. I finally heard more detail about my grandfather, including the fact that he was a veteran of Pearl Harbor, and was aboard the Oklahoma (which now resides on the ocean floor). My grandfather survived the attack. My father remembers him as one of the only university-educated Puerto Rican men he ever met, as well as his love for the violin.

Maybe this veil recently has been one of wanting to connect with ancestry.

Quien sabe, verdad?

Oh, and I want to thank Michelle heartily for our email exchange about Long Du. I will do more research on it, because I want to hear what it sounds like.

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