Thursday, May 4, 2006

Sleepless 48 hours

Man, I have to toot my own damn horn for a second.

I basically produced my first fundraiser today. I was in the office til 6:30 this morning putting on final touches to a video presentation created by my young women. I created a printed piece that came out on color. I set up the reception area to include multi-media presentation and material for our young women and I sat with the AV guy as I controlled the pace of the program and the volume of our DVD presentation. I sent out the communications what I said I would do was NOTED. YES, MY WORK WAS RECOGNIZED.

All day long I thought about one young woman who told me once that "I am GirlSource."

That brought a tear to my eye. The young women see me.

And I felt seen today (despite my being in the sound booth).


My young women SHONE today and I have been working my ass off for the last month for them. Maybe this fundraiser will lead to a raise for them or investment in developing programs.

I don't know. All I know is that at the end of the day, I got kudos after kudos from young women, from board, and supporters.
I wore my river princess crown during the presentation to remind myself I was in authority and I made connections with the AV guys and the food crew, so I got to eat lunch as well. It was awesome.

I am about to fall into a lovely and wonderfully deep sleep. Til 4:30 tomorrow morning when I pick up Saran. She and I are going to Davis for a Youth Development Conference.

Afterward? Heck, we might do Napa or Murder Burger (an ostrich burger might totally hit the spot!!!!!!!)

WOO HOO! ALL NIGHTERS ROCK! I AM WIRED, TIRED, and BUZZING from this grand effort!



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