Monday, December 24, 2007

The List of Accomplishments 2007

1. Visit my mother for her 60th birthday
2. Visit my mother for mother's day after her house burned down
3. Attend my grand-aunt's 90th birthday party
4. Produce over 300 youth created films
5. Co-produce youth centered film awards
6. Train and run for a half-marathon
7. Train 12 teachers in digital storytelling
8. Join a board of directors
9. Go on a date in Manhattan that was initiated by a man
10. Lose 8 pounds and keep them off
11. Learn how to cut my own hair
12. Clean the kitchen and bathroom
13. Buy some of my own clothes
14. Attend 2 weddings
15. Get arrested
17. Read 5/13 Lemony Snicket books
18. Read 8 other books
19. Switch from chemical detergent to soap nuts
20. Drink more water
21. Find acupuncture and use it as part of my health regimen
22. Attend public performances of theater, music, and intellectual nature
23. Visit 4 other states
24. Buy a pair of pearl earrings
25. Find joy in food
26. Maintain a 2 blogs, yelp, flickr, myspace, facebook, orkut, friendster, and bebo pages.
27. Buy Amadeus, the movie
26. Pluck countless chin hairs
27. Take myself out dancing
28. Find out what a rubab is
29. Dare to wear a sari skirt
30. Change my status to "married" to reduce the amount of dating ads I receive
31. Write letters
32. Talk to each of my immediate family members at least monthly
33. Invite the orange and black kitty into my home
34. Eat Goose Web
35. Turn 35

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Goodness! said...

what's your name on flickr?
-- Rainy K.