Monday, December 24, 2007

End of Year

Three days of Jesus
The Babe. The Glorious One.
I am alone here.

Corpus Christi Church
rehearsed their Mary, Joseph,
angels and shepherds.

All 9 or younger
sweet, restless children. Holy?
Innocence is. Yes.

Theirs is a God of
Wonder. Of Good. Without Fail.
No judgement. Just Good.

What about when man
uses God's name for evil?
Forgive them, children.

Adults can twist good
for their use. They can twist God's
words, but not God's love.

I am alone, still.
Solace in some sunshine and
the Church's songs. Pretty.

This year is sad so
far. Thirty-fifth feels alone.
I ponder my gifts.

What do I offer?
Not money. Not anything.
So why call me friend?

Many have been kind.
I thank you. Perhaps moved by
charity? Me? Wretch!

In this sun I feel
warmth. The hymns of Christmas come
tonight during mass.

To my family:
Te quiero tanto. Son mi
alma. Gracias.

To those who have been
friendly to me: thank you for
your kindness, your selves.

One day a woman
will come into your life and
repay all her debts.

She will not be me.
She will be different, a
new one. Happier.

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