Monday, August 28, 2006

Take Action, Get Action...

Hell, I feel like I was a pioneer of the online dating thing back in 1994. I met a doctor from Boston the semester after I dropped out of Syracuse University.

I even moved to California as a result of a relationship.

And ever since I have flirted with the online dating thing because that's what I KNEW.
I've met some people in person. Had short-term relationships, and have a decent track record of remaining friends with people when the romance proves not the most effective part of the relationship. But in all honesty, I haven't had a long term, in-person relationship REALLY since my first boyfriend, Dave from college.

And so here I am, about 16 years into my dating experience and a friend of mine sends me the link to Act for Love. It's a personal site for folks working for social justice. There are yentes for EVERY demographic. I SWEAR!

I have to say, I am NOT ready to pay my hard earned money to join a singles site. Since I work 5 hours to earn the Prix Fixe menu for 1 at Chez Panisse on Mondays (after taxes), I don't think it's worth the dough. In fact, I am trying the radical approach of meeting my partner in person, this way I get bang for my buck: I'm already out and doing something, so maybe the likelihood of my partner doing the same is high? Who knows?

A-Ha's "The Sun Never Shone That Day" is playing on right now. I honestly can say I don't know this song. Now I'm in the mood for Icehouse's "Crazy" for some reason...oooh! But I found the video for "Great Southern Land" from the Young Einstein movie! WOOOOOOT!

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Karen said...

WOW! Somebody had their Wheaties today! Lots of posting. :-)

Now, as for the online dating thing... RUN AWAY!!! Or perhaps, use it just to meet someone for a specific activity. No expectations. No hopes. Just a simple plan. Granted, I did that with Paul, and look how that ended up. So maybe I'm just full of shit.

At any rate, you have my vote for doing what you like to do and being friendly while you do it. Screw internet dating. Or not. ;-)