Thursday, August 10, 2006

Heh...pic of me from 2001, with crunchy twists...

Been clearing the mailbox. Here's a shot of me 5 years ago. I have grown one grey hair on my scalp since then for every year since then. And I miss those earrings. I always seem to lose the ones I love a lot.

This is my lesson to let things go. Material doesn't matter.

And I am really digging Paulo Coelho's Eleven Minutes. I picked it up on a lark, and started reading it yesterday morning. I am more than halfway through it. Sometimes the book calls to you, you know?

And I think this one definitely wanted to be opened at the right time.

We're starting week 2 with the froggy voice. Not cool.


Karen said...

But frogs are sexy... just ask the French!

Seriously, I do hope you recover soon (have you tried the always lovely warm salt water gargle?)!

Ah-muh-nuh said...

Oh I agree. It sounds nasty, but gargling with warm salt water clears up any sore throat.

Froggy voice is kinda sexy though :) I always like the raspy sound of my voice right before I lose it.

wrki said...

Hello, ladies. Yes, the salt gargle is helping...but it's still pretty precarious. I want the nasty phelgm to go away.

Funny you guys mention the froggy voice. At the cash advance place the other day, I was speaking to the counterwoman in Spanish and the delivery guy next to me started remarking how sexy my voice was and how great it would sound while we were making love...and I was like...uh...thanks? Older white guy, nice enough. But why did he have to make the sex comment, dude? He could have stopped at the sick voice sounding sexy-raspy.

C'est la vie.

Here's to salt gargles!