Monday, August 7, 2006

Gettin' Ill Wit' It

Wednesday I got sick
Thursday I got sicker
Stayed home
Did Laundry
Had Pho Ga
Got Hair Did
Friday I went to the store
prepped for Dad & dinner
Still sick
Napped a lot
My voice started to slip

I am now a whisper
But the weekend was a success.

People warmed my home
with food and laughter and stories
as I stressed out trying to finish last minute stuff
dad was like the retired WalMart greeter saying hello
We toasted Michelle & Joe
and Erin & Jason
and the new babies-to-be
And laughed til about 11:30 when we all became pumpkins.
Despite dad's heart problem,
we were TOTALLY dancing to Spanish Harlem Orchestra.
Thanks Doug & T for securing a good spot, since he and I got a late start.

No pictures. Unfortunately among all of us on deck for the weekend,
no digi-nerds.

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