Thursday, November 23, 2006

tv is weird

i'm housesitting for joe's cats. rocky and sierra are lovely companions. sierra sleeps at my feet, it's loverly.

joe has cable and so i am looking at it.

i have been sucked into watching grey's anatomy. i have heard this show is decent. i am impressed. the characters seem decent. some funny bits. the medical bits are cool.

the music is kind of annoying. some decent tunes, but i feel it's a little uber-hip.

the advertising is annoying. i have seen the stupidest ads for gap's "peace, love, and gap" campaign, the victoria's secret ads, and lots of ads for the sales starting tomorrow at 5 am.

i have also noticed that the volume of the ads is about 20% - 30% than the actual television show.

what's up with that?

thankfully the show is over now and so i will return to catching up on 6 weeks of daily show and colbert report.

both mssrs. stewart and colbert are ridiculously sexy. topical news items with wit?
man, gotta love that. and colbert has the glasses thing going. woo.

both are married and have children, therefore my having any thoughts about them is breaking one of the commandments...thou shall not covet thy neighbor's spouse.

oy vey.

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