Monday, November 20, 2006

stupid people

went out to a friend's birthday saturday night to shake off the blues.
it was one of my usual spots that i love.

for the first time ever there was a line
and a $10 cover


and a wait.


and then when i got inside i had a little chat with my friend and his crew
over some old school
and some new stuff i dont care for.

the mood switched with the more angry sounding stuff.

i heard...

a scuffle. yelling.

bartender became bouncer.


the crowd screamed and made a dash for the back of the bar and the door.

angry men snarled foul words and were dragged away.

outside the window from my vantage point i saw grown men
drag one another
wrestle one another
kick one another
punch one another

all while folks nervously laughed inside
or gasped at the spectacle
or tried to run from the madness

black on brown on yellow...hatred, on and on
all this for a good time?
on a saturday night?

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