Friday, November 3, 2006

@SS Spigot

K. So I caught up with Christine on Wednesday night. Had a FABULOUS Bacon Cheese Burger and a vanilla shake and fries and onion rings. We caught up. Life was good.

Thursday morning I don't feel so good.

That's when I developed my @SS Spigot.

It was not good.

It was not solid.

I took my charcoal and marveled at how terrible the feeling of knots in one's digestive track can be.

Got myself together. Drank lots of water. Kept on burping up bacon cheeseburger.

Continued to make period visits to the rest room and really appreciated softer grades of tp.

Last night as I drove to my doctor's appointment, I got nauseous...and pulled off the freeway. My stomach wretched and I reached for an empty bottle next to me so as not to spew on myself or my friend's car.

Terrible cramps, wretching, sweating, and I wrapped my lips about the bottle and SPEWED! (Twice.) I do not throw up often. I can count on my hand how many times in my adult life. It's SO weird to lose control of your body. Vomiting is SUCH a violent act for the body to do.

I opened the window to breathe and calmed down. I waited to see if the body wanted to do any more of did not.

I went on to doctor's appointment and settled down in the car before I walked...I felt dizzy.

I leaned into the couch arm as I relayed the week's events.

I took another trip to the bathroom.

False alarm.


Finished the appointment, drove home.

Just as I pulled the car up to the car port...the wretching came back. I didn't have I spit up a little on the drive way. Yuck.

Closed the gate, rushed to get the hell inside, drink more water and wait for oblivion to come.

Sleep came at about 9 pm.

And I woke at 1 am.

I prayed.

And I woke at 4:30 am.

I thought to myself, "This, too, shall pass."

And I woke at 8 am.

Tummy semi-settled. I took my vitamins and showered and bought some coconut juice, aloe vera juice, and headed to work.

No wretching.

Today's been okay.

I thought I had developed lactose intolerance.

Nope, perhaps it was just a bad something.

No more eating like THAT for awhile.

End of @$$ Spigot?

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