Friday, October 19, 2007

Rants and Raves for Friday

This week has been a little nuts.

Lots to prepare before I go back into the classroom on Monday.

We reconfigured the new lab because it was stolen about a month ago.

My coworker is giving a presentation on Saturday to report out on the grant my specific program is funded through and the progress of our program. The power point has evolved from still slides to some animations and graphics I was building. In troubleshooting the thing, I was sucked into the black hole of figuring out WHY the movies weren't playing in the darn thing. That had me working til a cool 2 am on Wednesday night (Thursday morning) and a parking ticket because street cleaning began at 12 midnight.


Thursday morning I got a late start and was feeling a little drag on my step, but managed to pull it together for a program meeting, preparing for our monthly Tell It Like It Is event. I had to go over my part of the presentation and then prepare for this morning's radio program.

And I got stuck in traffic, so I got to do an interview while waiting in a cue of cars to the toll plaza, past the metering lights, and across the bridge...all without any call drop incident (Thanks to all the powers that be). About 8 blocks from the office, it was over. Phew.

God, all I want to do is take an extended nap, but it's Friday, I need to finish a survey/evaluation based on our training and we have an intern coming in and we're excited about getting ready for Monday!

Feelin' a little productive...and imagine all this without any java addiction!

And Trolley Dances is happening this weekend as well as the Oakland Museum of California Day of the Dead Celebration.


Meanwhile...I'm upset about the whole S-CHIP thing, speechless about the noose epidemic seeming to grip the nation since the Jena 6 thing, disturbed about the Bhutto thing, disgusted by the Iraq war thing, incensed by the Armenian genocide thing and still feeling stung by the Yankees loss to the Indians. Can we get a less racist mascot, folks? I guess not if the nation's capital has a team named the Redskins...

Here's to the weekend...

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