Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Palabras Para Hoy 29 de Mayo 2007

"La vida es una carnaval." - Celia Cruz

Last Monday I was given the news that family passed away. Louie Del Valle was my brother and sister's godfather and like a Tio to me. His wife passed away in October of 2005. Both were amazing individuals. They had a loving marriage that I some day dream of having...my soulmate who understands and supports me and shares music with me.

From the Del Valles I learned more of my heritage, danced Bomba.

The funeral was this weekend in Upstate New York. My brother and his wife drove up.

While I was in the Bay taking in the possibility of using GIS to enhance digital storytelling, they were celebrating Louie's life...dancing, eating, sharing stories.

I was celebrating in my own way...enjoying Carnaval in all of it's foggy glory in the Mission.

Alone I stood with other parade goers...wondering why the parade started an hour and a half late, but I found my nook and readied the digital camera I borrowed from the school and my laptop to take video.

A flurry of feathers and color and I danced in the street with my fellow latinos...from Brazil to Bolivia to Panama to Trinidad to Granada to Puerto Rico to Guatemala to Mexico...we are a huge wave in the United States. I'm freaked out by our pick and choose immigration laws...but I see the color and flavour we add to the world and I am proud.

So I danced in the streets with my parading companions...some on stilts, some on heels and whooped as my flag passed.

Si, la vida es una carnaval.


Karen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your family's loss. At the very least, the Del Valles are together again. :-)

Seeing your Carnaval pictures brought me right back to the one you and I went to, when we got crazy on the raised platform. Damn good times!

O said...

Ah, Carnaval. The concept of it being foggy in late May is such a foreign concept to me now. Instead I bake in 100 degree heat.

Glad you had a great time.