Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lightning Bugs in Latham, NY

After a 13 hour and 5 minute journey last night I ate at a real NY diner and had a lovely plate of river trout served with rice and an Italian styled preparation of zucchini.

My host and I caught up on 2 months of distance and time.

I was happy and a bit tired after a hop from Oakland to Phoenix, then Phoenix to Washington, D.C., then to Albany, NY.

I landed about 10:30. I started at 9:25 am.


When we arrived at the hotel in Latham (I had no idea where that was either.) I excitedly looked in the trees to see if I could catch a glimpse of my childhood.

On the flight from Washington, D.C. to Albany I sat in the dreaded middle seat of the row, but was pleased to meet an Albany native and we shared stories. I told him I had been in California for 9 years, had moved for personal reasons and stayed for professional reasons. I told him I missed the fireflies (lightning bugs).

He assured me that the recent rains and humidity made sure they were in bloom this summer.

So after a late night dinner, after driving up to the parking lot, and walking to the room, I looked toward the trees.

In moments I saw the familiar green flash in the trees. A few twinkles that feels like a bit of the stars have come to Earth to join us. Just a few flashes, but I recognized them and I squealed.

My host chuckled at me and I explained it had been years since I had since a lightning bug.

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